Psalm 46:10, 37:7
For many, especially women, they love to soak in the tub once in awhile with candles and soft music; just enjoying a relaxing, peaceful time.  We are instructed in Psalms 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God.” The wording “be still” literally means to cease from striving. It means to let go and relax, to turn down the volume of the world and listen to the quiet whisper of God. It’s getting still and coming into a place of rest. It means soaking in His Presence. The result is that you will know He is God. So how do we soak? We soak like a sponge. Put a dry sponge in a bucket of water and slowly the water permeates the sponge. This is the same as soaking in God’s presence. The more we soak, the more we become filled with His Spirit. The definition of soak is: to become thoroughly wet, or saturated by immersion, to take in, to soak up. We are told in scripture to “Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him.” (Psalm 37:7) In our rest and meditation, we are to soak in God’s presence, peace and joy. So soak it up today beloved! God loves Ya;)

soak up His persence