I work for a Home health agency. My job is to go into people’s homes to serve and make sure their basic needs are met. I may prepare a meal, do some housecleaning or assist with their hygiene. My clients know I am a Christian and I won’t lie. I do squeeze in, ever so subtlety, God’s word and lessons when the opportunity arises. Most recently, I was asked if I thought I was going to Heaven. I replied quite surely, ” Yes. I am” Surprised at my bold answer, I was then asked, “What makes you so sure?” Yay! An opportunity! Thank you God! I proceeded to explain why I KNOW I will be going to Heaven. I am saved, forgiven and have eternal life in Jesus Christ! I have fallen to my knees, asked God to come into my heart and save my miserable life and THAT’s how I know I am a child of the Almighty God and will be spending eternity with HIM. I invited my client to confess his sins, ask for forgiveness and to give his heart to Jesus so, who knows? Maybe the next time we meet, He will say guess what? I am saved too! Oh, what a glorious feeling it is when God gives you opportunities to share His truth and promises! Have a blessed day giving God all the glory! 🙂