John 1:5

Recently, I was having a discussion with one of my younger granddaughters about how God can and will change our lives. I used a parable with a simple glow stick; she immediately was all ears and I knew I had to make it an amazing lesson because I had all her attention. No pressure right? I began with, “Well, you know, at first the glow stick is dull. Not anything extraordinary and not much to offer until it’s cracked or broken; then it illuminates with its bright, neon glow in the dark light.” That’s how we are before Christ and until we surrender (break or crack), we are dull and ho hum; but, after Christ, we illuminate a glow that cannot be dimmed. We have the ability to brighten up even the darkest days. We have God’s light in us forever and we are forever changed! My heart melted and I thanked God for that opportunity to share with my granddaughter such an important lesson. The smile she gave me was my proof. She got it. Praise God!  Have a blessed day!  🙂