Luke 8:39

I’m not sure exactly how to start except we all have a story of “how Jesus saved our lives”. For some, it may have happened as a young child attending church with a family member. For others, they may have had a tragic experience happen in their life or maybe Jesus dug them out of an addiction. Whatever our story may be, it needs to be shared with others. You might say, “Oh, I could never bring up my past again” or “No way am I reliving that painful experience again”; but we need to use our stories as testimonies of what God has done and will do for others. I believe this is one of our many missions here on Earth. To tell how God brought us out of the ruts, destruction and the deepest of pits and gave us new life. He breathed new air (His air in our lungs), renewed our hearts so that we could trust and love again and gave us new strength to get up and start all over! Praise God He saved us! I encourage you today to share your story with someone. They may be going through some terrible times and feeling so alone your story may be just what they need to hear to get them back on their feet again and ask Jesus for help. Have a blessed day! 🙂