Luke 1:46-53
Mary was a God Bearer! We see that in Mary’s song verses 47, 48 and 49 focus on what God has done in Mary’s life. He has been mindful of her humble state and did great things for her and so Mary rejoices in God her Savior. Mary recognized a change that started in her, but it didn’t stop there. Just as hope spread from the individual (Mary) to the entire world, the kingdom of God starts in us and spreads to the world at large. In the kingdom of God, there is no ladder. There is no pecking order. Every person is of inestimable worth. Every person is of equal value. Every person is a unique child of God, loved and cherished by God. And that is good news. If we are obedient, if we are “God Bearers,” we will bring the upside down kingdom of God to earth. So, let’s not just pray “thy kingdom come.” Let’s follow Mary’s example. “May it be with us according to God’s will.” May the upside down kingdom of God grow in each of our lives and spread throughout the world. God Loves Ya;)

devo 5-26