Psalm 25:5

It wasn’t long ago I had a couple of my grand kids in the car with me. They are always laughing about me getting lost easily whenever we go anywhere. It has become a family joke so much that my nephew gave me a GPS for Christmas this past year. I have used my brother’s in the past when taking day trips and it drives me crazy when the friendly, bubbly voice comes out of it and says, “wrong turn, recalculating”. Sometimes I want to go MY way instead of following the desired, proposed way of the GPS. We are so much like that in our lives. Agreed? God is our GPS. He knows exactly which way we should go, but do we always listen? No. We prefer to go our own direction, travel a different path and tend to veer off the wrong way. Our way will always be a rougher road with lots of pot holes, bumps and obstacles. Thank God we have Him to “recalculate” our direction. Take the right road the first time and let God be the guide. Have a blessed day! 🙂

4-20 devo2