Jeremiah 33-6

We read all through scripture of God’s healing powers, but how many of us have actually let God do our healing? Or do we say, “Oh, I’ll be ok. I’ll get over it”? I’m talking about broken hearts, broken spirits, the common cold to the “big C” word. God has amazing healing powers that we will never fathom or understand. He healed the Leper, casted out demons, gave sight to the blind man along with many other healing miracles that we don’t know about. When you feel afraid and unsure of your health concerns or your heart is just so broken you think you will never be whole again, cry out to God. He is our ultimate healer. He wants us to be whole, healthy and radiant to continue our works here on earth for His glory and His kingdom. He loves us more than we can imagine. He can and will heal us no matter what our test results say or how bad we are feeling. God heals! Thank you Jesus! Have a blessed day! 🙂