Matthew 1:1-17

While waiting for my wife to get done with radiation, I saw many people sitting in the waiting room. The mood for the most part was a desperate hope. Even though I know this isn’t the end of the road for my wife, I can’t help but see the despair in many faces where they are dealing with deeper issues. I wonder how many know Christ and know if the radiation doesn’t work, He will be calling them home. I also look at my own mortality and wonder how would I be in this situation. I would hope I would be praying that God would restore me if I have more to do on this earth and if not take me so I can serve elsewhere in heaven. Do we truly know if we are ready to leave this earth? If not, we need to know what God has in store for those that love God and know that He is faithful to those who love Him. We won’t be on this earth forever, for this is temporary, but being with God is eternal. Let us follow Him and His son; so, when we have tough times in this physical life, we can take comfort knowing that we have eternal glory ahead of us. God Loves Ya 😉