Sadly, as of late, our small town has been riddled with senseless crime sprees including armed robberies, shootings, etc. 3 innocent people have lost their lives. We ask ourselves, when will it stop? How many lives must be taken before there is an arrest and justice is served? Unfortunately, all over the globe we see evidence of Satan’s handy work; the hatred, the political battles, the separations of families, the list goes on and on of the chaos and turmoil that is present not only in our small towns and communities but pretty much everywhere. So what can we do as Christians to reach out and help? First, we need to pray to God for protection from the evil that lurks, trust in the Lord that He hears our prayers, and lastly, never forget Satan does not win! Never will evil beat out good. Sure, we get upset, discouraged and sad about how things are going; but always remember, God is in complete control over all things and although it may seem He is not present, He will never leave us nor forsake us even in the worst of times. Holy Spirit you are welcome here! Please pray for all the victims and their families of the latest shootings in Texas and Ohio. Continue praying for your communities. Have a blessed day!