2 Corinthians 5:5

We all have taken a trip. Planned it all out carefully in detail. We can all agree it’s the preparation of taking the trip that is more stressful. Making sure we remembered to make sure the cat has plenty of food and water, turn the lights out, lock all the doors, ask your neighbor to take the mail and newspaper in, have enough cash on hand, check over the car making sure it can make the trip, etc. All this can be mind boggling, stressful and make you feel like it’s easier to just stay home. When we think about the journeys that life sends us on, are going through something that we’ve never been through before or God is pushing us to do something we just aren’t sure about, it can all make us feel very uneasy and doubtful. “I am broke; how can I start a new business right now” or “I am not strong enough to get through this”. Be assured brothers and sisters, our almighty God will prepare us for any journey He sends us on and He will provide the means to accomplish what He wants for us. When you feel God pushing you, don’t fret. He is making sure you are prepared in every way. Have a blessed day! 🙂