Have you ever been employed at a company that provided uniforms with their company logo on them? I was employed at a factory one time and we actually had to sign a paper stating that we received┬áthe said amount of shirts and that we would act accordingly, respectfully and to remember while wearing these shirts we were representing the company we worked for. This is a great reminder in our Christian walk. As children of our one true God, it is vital we live our everyday lives in such a way to represent Jesus and the Kingdom. Agree? We cannot attend church on Sunday then turn around and swear at our children at the grocery store or flip off the driver that took your parking space. Well, we could, but is that representing Christ in us? No way! We all need to walk as though we have “God” printed on our shirts and be reminded every day that we want others to see God in us in all our actions, words and lifestyles. He is watching over us and I for one, would never want to disrespect or disappoint our Heavenly Father. Go and represent God in what is pleasing to Him. Have a Blessed day!