Psalm 127:3-5

Children are a blessing and sometimes we forget that; they can work on our nerves, make us angry, depressed, and sad or just plain drive us crazy. I know; I have 6 children now after the birth of number 6 yesterday. However, I wouldn’t change nor do I regret having any of them. Without them I might not be as gray, my fingernails might be able to be cut with trimmers instead of my teeth and I might actually have money. But I also would not have the happiest memories of my life on earth, the laughter from their sense of humor or the loving hugs and tender touch of their hands in mine. I have learned more from my children then any book could have ever taught me; they truly are a blessing from God and they are His best gifts. Love your children and enjoy them in their youth for they will be off before you know it. Always remember God gave them to you as gifts; treat them for what they truly are. God Loves Ya 😉