Psalms 119:105

When I was a kid we visited my grandmother most weekends. I loved it because my favorite cousins lived right next door. We would play outside until the streetlights came on. My favorite memory is playing a game called “flash light tag”. You would try not to get caught by the one whom had the flashlight in the darkness, it was a real challenge. Of course, stumbling and falling over something was the norm when it is dark, and as kids, that was the fun part. Now in our adult years, it’s not so much fun stumbling around in the darkness, trying to find our way safely around this world, avoiding and running away from the trouble of times is almost impossible. Unless, we have God’s “Flashlight” leading and guiding our steps every way and every day. His light is the only light we need to find our way and get to where He wants us to go. Praise God for lighting our path and may He light yours always, just ask, pray and obey. Have a blessed day! 🙂