Romans 8:38-39

Broken promises, disappointment and let downs are hurtful to say the least. It will also destroy trust and faith in others. Sometimes it can’t be avoided; say you planned a trip and out of nowhere, your plans change. Maybe financially you can’t keep a promise you made. Whatever the situation is, it’s never easy to heal from brokenness. It is a deep wound that has lasting effects on us. Unfortunately, we all have disappointed someone with broken promises. The only one we can truly count on and that will never break His promises is God. Yes, our Almighty Father in Heaven will always keep His many promises that are written in the Bible. People will always disappoint us because we are human; it doesn’t mean we are less loved or appreciated by our friends and loved ones. It means God is the only one we can trust fully. Have faith and rely on Him for everything. He is our Savior, our guiding light in times of trouble and our prince of peace. His promises are everlasting! Praise Him for His loyalty, love and promises. Have a blessed day! 🙂