John 13:34-35

While listening to James MacDonald on the radio, he made a point that stuck with me. Essentially he commented that those we are trying to reach and bring to Christ are not necessarily focused on how we treat them, but on how we treat and love others. Christ’s love and our faith is evidenced by how we interact with one another. We can call ourselves Christians, go to church and be firm in our faith but yet still have no love! We need to be more compassionate and understanding of one another instead of using the “Pharisee” mentality. Jesus used a simple task to display this concept to His disciples. He washed their feet and in return, did not ask for them to wash His feet, but to wash each other’s. Other’s will see the love and servant heart that you show to others and want to know where that comes from. What a way to witness to others by modeling the love and compassion that Christ has for all of us. God is good 😉