Matthew 5:40, 41

While I was snow blowing a few years ago, I saw a man I had never seen before (with a snow plow) coming my way moving snow on the other side of the same walk way. As we came closer to each other, he and I moved to pass right by each other; he looked at me, smiled and said Merry Christmas!!!  He was coming to snow plow his dad’s (who lived up the street) sidewalks and in addition, cleared the sidewalk for over a block of complete strangers. This reminds me of todays scripture; God wants us to go the extra mile, but no one else expects you to go beyond what is expected or required. Jesus knew that going the extra mile is incredibly powerful, that there is a great spiritual power at work there. Going the extra mile is not to benefit us, but is for the benefit of others.  God will reward you for your humility and selfless love towards others and you will be surprised how good you will feel. Let us go that extra mile this coming year and do for others what Jesus would want us to do. After all, he went the extra mile by hanging and dying on the cross for us! God Loves ya28-devo