I’m noticing the older I get, the more I reminisce about “the good old days”. I miss the simplicity of my childhood, the friends I had, the games we played and of course my parents. At the time I was living those years though, I couldn’t wait to grow up. I never really liked the rules I had as a kid, always thinking life was going to be so much better when I was older and could do what I want. Yeah right! Today, I tell my grandchildren to slow down. Don’t rush being a kid and enjoy your life as you know it now. Life changes all the time so take heart; right now, we are in the good old days that our children will one day be looking back on. Don’t waste one more second of being too busy or put off having fun and making memories that they will love looking back on. Make 2020 a year of no regrets! God is good all the time! With Him comes wisdom to live the way He has intended for us! Have a Blessed day!