Ephesians 6:10-20 (NRSV)

If we reread our scripture today, take notice to how many times Paul uses the word ‘all’ in verses 16-18. I am no English major. However, I can notice when someone writes a letter to someone else and they use a word or phrase repeatedly, they are trying to convey an important message or point. In this instance that word is ‘all’. Paul wants us to get that in everything we do, we are to do it in faith and that the devil will throw everything at us, including the kitchen sink. We should pray continuously for everything that we are in need of and to stay strong. We also need to pray for the believers that have gone on before us. In other words, there is a battle of good versus evil and everyone is involved. The arena of the battle is in our minds and the enemy will try whatever he can to get into our heads and turn us against God. He does this by placing doubt, fear, worry, anxiety, depression, unbelief and other emotion or feeling that goes against the promises of God into our mind. Good news beloved, God has given us all the game plan for the victory, which has already been won for us by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Have a great day ‘all’. God Loves Ya;)

god wins