2 Corinthians: 9-10

This scripture talks about weakness and God’s grace. We all have weaknesses and struggle in some form or another. We all go running to our “vice”, our drug of choice in times of chaos, despair, loneliness and heart break. My personal weakness is sweets. Some may run to a bottle of alcohol, porn on your computer, drugs or maybe it’s that big bag of weekender chips. I’m here to tell you if it’s not Jesus you are running to my friends you are missing out. If we would run to Jesus in our time of need, you can count on Him always see us through; breaking the chains of our vices, renewing our minds, hearts and souls and making us whole again. His grace is new every morning folks. So the next time you have had one of those days? Run to Jesus! His arms are open wide and waiting for you. Praise God for His gift of grace! Have a blessed day! 🙂