Psalms 139:7-16
When one is grasping for straws or taking a shot in the dark, one is looking for an answer to a problem — some tool to fix some wrong, but they don’t really know what they are doing or what the results will be.  God doesn’t grasp for straws.  He doesn’t randomly guess or pursue any options.  He knows the questions and the answers because He is the alpha and the omega (Revelation 22:13).  He is the author and the illustrator of all that exists.  We don’t need to grasp for straws either.  We need only to turn to our Lord and he will gladly give us the answers to our questions, the tools to remedy the wrongs in our lives.  He wrote the book of our lives so He knows the beginning and the end. God knows you inside and out and He is there for you always! Brothers and sisters, don’t go grasping for straws today…grasp for Jesus, because he is all you need! God loves Ya;)

all you need