Matthew 20:115
When we envy, we tend to magnify that person’s good fortune, while at the same time minimizing our own…the sun seems to shine more brightly on them than us, and they appear to live the charmed life!  It is truly the “grass is always greener on the other side” mentality. ENVY grabs us; it makes us no longer pleased or satisfied with how God has made us or the world. It twists our identity. ENVY is evidence that we are not created as we wish we had been. A man named Sir Philip Sidney once commented, “Those who have true worth in themselves can never envy it in another.” When we are secure in who God has created us to be, we need not ENVY how God has created OTHERS to be!!! We should also not be envious of those that come to Christ at the 11th hour; while wonderful, they have missed out on a life-time, a LIFE-TIME, of walking in the love, life, knowledge and joy of Jesus Christ. Why would we envy THAT? Let us not be envious but thankful for God’s blessing on others. God Loves Ya;)

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