Job 26:5-14
What does ‘hanging in the balance’ or ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’ mean? They refer to the doubt that we have about the future and the expectation that something bad or negative is going to happen. Job could have totally related to these sayings. Not only did he lose every worldly thing he possessed, but all the people he loved as well. How many times when things are going poorly or we are going through trials and tribulations do we expect or anticipate something else to go wrong or for things to get worse? Job lost everything but even though he was totally distraught and as low as a human could go, he held on and hoped in one thing – GOD. He knew God was all powerful and that God could fix everything. If God “Hangs the earth over nothing” (Vv.7), then God could restore Job and bring him peace. We leave nothing hanging in the balance when it comes to our God. He is all powerful and will take care of us. He might do things in His own way or on His own time, but He will not let us down. God loves Ya;)