Revelations 19:6-10
Anyone that has ever taken children to McDonald’s knows how excited they get when you say, “Do you want a happy meal?” My kids are crazy for them and if you take notice, it isn’t for the meal; it is for the gift that they get with the meal. No matter how cheesy, corny or ridiculous the meal gift is, the excitement is always the same and they are happy for awhile. What a great sales gimmick!  If you think about it, coming to Christ is kind of the same way. When we hear, “Do you want to know Christ?” we get excited, joyful, and full of anticipation at the gift that we receive in Him. The difference between the two is this: the gift we get from God’s happy meal is eternal. Not something cheesy, corny or that will be trashed eventually. It will last for eternity. The gift of life is not a happy meal but a guaranteed gift which includes a seat at the banquet feast with the Lord of Lords. (Vs.9) ‘Those who are asked to the wedding supper of the Lamb are happy.’ Now that is a true “Happy Meal”. God loves Ya;)