2 Kings 4:30

As mother’s day approaches, many of us are reflecting on our relationships with our mothers or are thinking about how we are mothering our children. Many things may come to mind when thinking about all the reasons why we love our mothers. One virtue that sticks out to me is patience. Growing up, we often tested our mother’s patience. But how often did they stick by our side and not give up on us, especially when teaching us the harder lessons in life as we aged. We can relate this to how God is patient with us. Even when we are being stubborn and testing him, he is always by our side, waiting for us to learn from our mistakes. Even being patient with us in the times that we may deny Him or question Him. So this mother’s day, be thankful for your mother’s patience and how this resembles the patience of Christ with His children. Happy Mother’s Day 😉

5-6 devo