Matthew 11:28-30 (NLT)

We’ve heard it all before. Lay your burdens at the cross. Hand it over to God, etc. So, we go to the cross and lay our burdens down. We pray that God would take all of our hurts, afflictions, addictions, struggles, etc… We trusted Him to wash us clean. We are weary. His way is easy, His burden is light. We feel ready to recover, to relinquish all this nonsense, to get out of this hole we feel trapped in. But are we really ready to let it go? The thing is, God’s not going to play tug-of-war with us. He gave us free will for a reason and he can’t help us unless we are willing to let him. We might feel ready and willing, but if we leave it at the cross one moment and then take it back the next, that isn’t letting go nor is it trusting God will take care of the issue. Let Go and Let God, He will take care of you.  Is there something that you have to let go of this year?  What things do you have to “let go” of in life? God Loves Ya 😉

devo 12-31-14