Psalms 46:1

Not long ago, my place of employment made a mistake while they were submitting my time sheets for work. In turn, I didn’t get paid my weekly paycheck when I was supposed to. Panicked? Yes indeed! I made several attempts that day to get some fast answers to where my pay was and when I could expect it. With no satisfying answers, I was physically sick; like what am I going to do with no paycheck until what I thought was going to be the following Monday. I have bills that are due, all these thoughts were going through my head and I was totally stressing out. I admit, I was not trusting God in this situation; but God was totally watching out for me the whole time. After many days of turmoil in my head and mistakes of others, I finally got paid Tuesday. I was in the clear and all was right with the world again. God teaches us continually to trust Him. He never leaves us hanging. Thank you God for yet another lesson learned! Have a blessed day! 🙂