We all get down in the dumps, discouraged and disappointed in life sometimes. I personally have had a year full of these emotions. This month marks the one-year anniversary of my car accident that basically stripped me from the safety and security of my livelihood – financially, emotionally, physically and at times spiritually. It was easy falling into the “why me?” and questioning God’s plan as I found myself relying on my kids, special family members and friends for my basic needs that I had taken for granted every pay day. My faith and patience have definitely been tested over the past year; but always, without fail, the moment I was in tears, at my breaking point or feeling so desperate, God showed Himself to me. I knew it was Him every time! Whether it was a financial gift in the mail, a much-needed visit from a good friend, or a long-awaited phone call to cheer me up, it was Him reminding me there are better days ahead. He hadn’t left me to fend for myself! Praise God! Don’t be discouraged my friends; no matter how long your struggle has been, trust in His timing. He knows what’s best for us! Have a blessed day!