Jeremiah 29:11 You may hear many people often say, “You can be anything you want to be!” You can be a lawyer, a doctor, a stock market guru, anything you can imagine. If you work hard enough, vision the right things and believe, you can achieve your biggest fantasies. But can you, really? I wonder, what if God didn’t pack within you the suave to be a lawyer, the mental aptitude to be a physician, the skills of a stock market whiz; can you be the one? Perhaps, an unhappy, dissatisfied one that never feels joy or satisfaction, but to be fulfilled in a career? I highly doubt it. Can an apple become a rose, or a dog fly like a bird? No. You cannot be anything you want to be unless it is in God’s will for your life. God has a plan for you and no matter how you try to sway around it; He will make the road lead right back to where He wants you to go. He did not give you someone else’s life, He gave you yours. He personally and deliberately ‘packed’ you. Live out of the blessings God gave you! Keep seeking His will for your life and let Him guide you to the perfect place He wants you to be in. God Loves Ya 😉