Psalms 119:89

Do you have something weighing you down, something bothering you that you can’t talk about to anyone else? Maybe you did something that has filled you with guilt and shame?  Here’s a news flash! God already knows what is on your heart and mind.  He sees and knows all. He’s waiting for you to confess it from your lips.  It’s time for a “heart to heart” with our Heavenly Father. When something is bothering you enough that you seclude yourself from family and friends, or something that holds you back from your relationship with God, it’s time to hit your knees and pour it all out to our Heavenly Father.  He doesn’t get mad, He won’t yell and He certainly will not ever stop loving you. Be assured, He is there for you and He only wants the best for you. So, go ahead have that “heart to heart”.  You have nothing to fear and you will be amazed at the healing and peace you will experience! God is an awesome God, He is Love! Have a blessed day! 🙂