As a mother of three children (youngest age 5) and having an identical twin, I instantly connected to the heart wrenching blog #blue4ben by Mindy Sauer, a mother of three. She openly shared on social media what her family endured when her 5 year old son, Ben an identical twin, was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. To help tell twins apart they’re often given a color. Ben’s twin baby color was blue, hence the name #blue4ben, mine was yellow. Mindy’s blog speaks truth, is real and raw. She expresses her faith, pain and anger, but TRUSTED God completely with her son. Coincidentally, while following the blog #blue4ben; out of the blue, my 5 year old daughter shared with me Biblical truths about heaven she learned in preschool.  “Show me your sad face; now show me your happy face.” “That is how you will feel all the time when you are in heaven. Happy!” “You will meet God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.” “It is never dark in heaven. It is daylight all the time.” “You don’t need to take anything with you to heaven. No suitcase or nothing.” “You can introduce me to GG (Great Grandma).” “I can see Pottsie (dog) again.” “We’ll each have our own room.” (John 14:2) “Heaven is a beautiful place!” Isn’t it just like God to use a mother and a child to reveal glimpses of heaven? May their testimonies give you comfort knowing HEAVEN is for Real!  – Melissa Lundy

 Author’s Note– A special thank-you to Mindy Sauer for giving me permission to write and share this devotion. Also, a special shout out to Jennifer Dickey, (a First Nursery School teacher) for teaching my daughter Madelyn about heaven. The picture of heaven is illustrated by Madelyn. God is so good!  – Melissa Lundy

devo 6-13