Wouldn’t it be awesome if God had a “Heavenly mailbox”? One where we could send letters to our loved ones and they could write back? My Mom used to love getting cards and letters in the mail. Oh, how I wish I could connect once again with my parents just to check in like I used to. My letter would say, “Dear Mom, I miss you so very much. Nothing has been the same since you left us. The family isn’t as close as we used to be Mom and I know how important that was to you. There has been a lot of hurt feelings and broken trust that we just can’t seem to mend. I’m sure Heaven is just the way I picture it. for you, I’m sure you are surrounded by your parents and siblings, the many birds that you loved to watch in your feeders, all your worry and anxieties are gone, your left side is now working again and you are in the brilliant light of Jesus! I Love you Mom and miss you every day. Always in My heart” If only God had a mailbox. Have a blessed day!