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Hey! He Punched Me!

Luke 6:27-36
Whatever happened to good old reciprocity? You do to me, and I’ll do back to you and more. Reciprocity: Jesus says: that’s not the way it works with the Kingdom of God. I say: Whatever happened to fairness? You punch me; I punch you back, that’s fair. But Jesus says: that’s not the way it works with the Kingdom of God. Whatever happened to getting even? You steal my stuff; I steel yours. Isn’t that how the world works? Yes, that is how the world works. But Jesus says that’s not how the Kingdom of God works. He takes everything we’ve learned about how the world works and turns it upside down. The problem for us is that we live in both this world and the Kingdom of God and we have to do our best to let Jesus rule our hearts. We strive to listen to a different voice and this different voice determines our reactions; in situations like how to respond to enemies. Our behavior isn’t governed by what others do to us; it is governed by being like Jesus and being obedient to His word. God Loves Ya 😉

devo 6-23

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