Romans 7:25

For years I walked around cheerful, always smiling and seemingly the most positive person ever; but on the inside, I was broken beyond repair. Hopelessness had abducted my heart, soul and mind. I honestly thought I was putting on a pretty convincing show to all those around me. My second marriage had failed. I was losing my home and myself along with. I was so embarrassed, ashamed and afraid of what people would think of me and my failures. Even my kids and family weren’t totally clear of what was going on. It wasn’t until I finally got the courage to  open my heart to a prayer partner at my church that I was released of the pain, hurt and brokenness that I thought could stay hidden forever. I now carry around a renewed mind, a peace that I never felt before and a heart not covered with open wounds but with healed over scars. Praise God! It didn’t happen over night but it happened with God’s healing love, His forgiveness and lots of prayer. Cry out to Jesus; let your hurts be healed by the King of all Kings. Amen. Have a blessed day! 🙂