Recently, I took my grandson on a short shopping trip. Like any 2-yr. old, he was so excited and mesmerized by all the toys. He was promised one thing if he was good in the store. Big expectations on my part, right? At the end of our day, he was, in fact, very good and was rewarded with a toy of his choice. Decision making does not come easy to a 2-yr. old, but, after changing his mind a couple times, he decided on a sword. Of course, it lights up, makes cool sounds and he can use it for his pretend battles. My lesson for the day was, when we do our best, do what we know is right and focus on the prize (Jesus), we will always be rewarded with God’s promises! God has high expectations for us, His children, as He should. So, when we obey, His promises of goodness will reign. Have a blessed day!