While spending some time with my friend’s little boy recently, it got me reminiscing about when my own kids were his age. Not yet 2, he is all boy. Very busy, curious and blind to any dangers such as tumbling head first off, the porch if he gets too close to the edge or falling off the kitchen chair he just crawled up on. I found myself catching him, running after him and at times being a little over protective of his well-being. Of course, I gave my own children the same protection, but maybe not as urgently running after them. It got me thinking about God’s protection over us. He protects us from dangers seen and unseen, but also lets us go forth and learn from our mistakes. He lets us get to the edge of that pool but will never let us drown. Have faith in God that He has us by the back of our shirt tails, keeping us from the dangers of this world. He is our Heavenly Father and we have His protection. Have a blessed day! 🙂