Matthew 11:28

We all go through rough seasons, trials and painful disappointments. It’s unavoidable in this fallen world we live in. Many have a story to tell and how they rose above it all and now live in victory with Jesus Christ at the helm. What about those who just can’t seem to pull it together? Ones that their lives have been one struggle after another with losses, failed marriages or are always financially broke? In all reality, how do you pick yourself up time after time only to just get knocked down again? It’s called “perseverance”. It’s taking all the hits that life gives us and getting right back up again. In Christ, we have His courage, His strength and His grace to get up, brush ourselves off and start all over again. Oh, for sure it’s not easy. We get tired, weary, lose hope and see no way out. It’s time to hit your knees and cry out to Jesus. He restores, revives and refreshes our hearts, minds and bodies giving us joy, peace and everlasting life. We will always have disappointments and downfalls in this life but, wouldn’t it be much better having a glorious King helping you through it? Praise God! Have a blessed day! 🙂 – Lori Moore