Our Mission

The mission of Simply God 101 is to share the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ one message at a time through reaching , teaching, and serving  in this simple yet powerful way. Simply God 101 hopes to encourage, inspire, and assist individuals wherever they may be on their walk with Christ.

Thank you for visiting Simply God 101. The meaning behind the name stems from the belief that learning and experiencing God’s love should not be hard or difficult. If 12 simple disciples that had hard, tough jobs and little education could be transformed by Jesus and transform the world, then we as simple everyday people can be used in the same way. The “101” part is simply there because we believe that the bible was written for the everyday person and we should be able to understand and apply God’s word to our lives. Here we can simply talk about God’s word and works and break down some of the tough theological questions as we wrestle together to find the answers.

Three days a week there will be a message on the blog page and will be sent out through the email ministry and Facebook page. Thank you again and welcome. We pray that by visiting this website you will experience God’s love and be inspired, encouraged and have a better understanding of what He has in store for you!! God bless you!

The Bible was not given to increase our knowledge but to change our lives”.  ~ D.L. Moody