In my office, on the top of one of the bookcases, there is a wooden carving of two hands embracing each other.  In my recent musings, I have come to realize that there are many ways that two people can clasp their hands together and probably, more importantly, many more reasons why people join their hands together.  A couple of ways and reasons why people join hands might be a great reminder for each of us as we enter into this “Holy” season. The most common way and reason people join hands is to greet and agree.  Be sure this season to be “greetable” and “agreeable” with the people who God puts in your path.   Secondly, God will often place people in your life who you need to lead. You may need to take them by the hand in a certain direction.  Who is God calling you to lead?  Have the courage and the direction to know where and to whom you are taking someone.  Finally, inevitably, you will encounter someone who needs a hand up this season, which is very different from a hand out.  A hand up enables someone to do for themselves and not simply become dependent upon you to continually hand out what they need until they run out and come back to you for another hand out.  A hand up comes from someone who sees a person’s need and invests in that person to restore a previously healthy position.  Invest in someone’s comeback this week.  Hands together to greet or agree.  Hands together to lead.  Hands together to help.  What will you use your hands for this week?  Stay Close to Jesus – Pastor Byrce