James 4
In this scripture, James highlights for us the critical importance of community but shows us that such community can really only occur as we learn to HUMBLE ourselves to God and each other through humility. James knows how important community is – how vital. He understands community in a way that you and I rarely do. We as a community need to learn submission and humbleness if we want change, we MUST be in community with one another. The barrier to community, says James, is our focus on OURSELVES and the focus on what WE want. We want something but we don’t get it (verse 2); so we get into conflict, we covet, we have disputes and we even kill. The solution to healthy community for James is through HUMILITY. To humble ourselves before others and God means we are slow to speak of other people’s faults. Let us humble ourselves for who are we to judge. We are to be flexible and understanding. James tells us to submit to God (HUMBLE ourselves). Let this pound in our hearts and heads until we GET IT and let the confidence of God start to grow in us so we can be humble – that spiritual humility to serve one another. God Loves Ya 😉

devo 1-27