Matthew 4:1-11
This encounter in Matthew 4:1-11 is a story about the IDENTITY of Jesus because Jesus fully knew who He was, a humble God and remained OBEDIENT to that identity. Jesus was able to successfully refute Satan’s temptations, and thereby offer the world something truly SIGNIFICANT. The first temptation Jesus faced was the temptation to be POPULAR; the second temptation was to be SPECTACULAR and the third temptation was to be POWERFUL by earthly standards. The temptation in the desert reveals a profound difference between God’s power and Satan’s power. Satan has the power to coerce, to dazzle, to force obedience, to destroy. God’s power, marked by humility in contrast, is internal and non-coercive. With God’s love you do not enslave man by a miracle; faith is given freely, not based on a miracle. Jesus knows what happens when we give in to the temptation of power…when our identity is based on worldly power instead of Godly humility. Christ shows us a humble power that may seem at times like weakness, but it’s not. The response of Jesus each time temptation was thrown at him was to EMBRACE His identity in God as a humble servant, and then to continue to humble Himself to God by turning to God’s words of life for strength. May WE do the same. God Loves Ya;)

devo 2-17