Hurry up spring! Ugh! I for one am over winter. It just seems like it will never end. Wishing the season away will not end it any sooner, but it makes us feel better to look forward to a new and refreshing season. Just as in life’s seasons, we all go through trials and rough times; frankly, sometimes it feels like it will last forever with no visible light in sight. Then one day, you finally start seeing some hope and start to feel like, “Yes, I think we are finally coming out of this darkness and dread”.  We get our excitement back for what is next. This is God stepping in; just when we can’t take one more day of blah, hopelessness and discouragement, He will extend His hand out and drag us out of that gloom and seemingly endless pit we are in. Hang on. Your season is almost over. Keep praying, looking up and fixing your eyes on Jesus! Have a blessed day!