A few days ago, I said some things I’m not very proud of and to make matters worse, it was toward my teenage granddaughter. The details of my angered outburst are not important, but at the time, it was like the last straw of my already stressful day. Needless to say, after calming down, I apologized for my actions and the words that flew out of my mouth. I felt like the worst grandmother ever. The worst part of it was, not only did I hurt my granddaughter’s feelings, but what kind of a Christian must I have sounded like? My job as a gram is to teach my youngins how to live a Godly life and to react in ways that Jesus would. Yep! Epic fail on that one! I had a long talk with my granddaughter and explained to her that yes, I am a child of God, but I fail sometimes. I am no where near perfect but that’s why I need Jesus in my life and so does she. My very valuable lesson here is, try your best to not flip your lid in stressful moments, but if you do, just remember God is not finished with us yet. I am very much a work in progress and God will always turn our failures into life’s lessons. Now my granddaughter knows that God forgives even the worst in people, including her grandmother!! Have a blessed day!