Psalm 3:2-6

Having a loved one in the ICU of a hospital is scary in itself but observing a family waiting for news or recovery can be heart breaking or encouraging. The energy, in the room is full of worry, defeat, remorse, regret, etc… But in the crevasse of their despair is the slight light of hope. That hope that everything will be okay and sometimes you can tell which ones have faith in God and the ones that don’t. But the really cool thing is God is there and is waiting for them to reach and cry out to Him. Maybe, perhaps, this is the time and place where a real relationship with Christ can begin. God brings good out if any situation and the ICU waiting room is no exception. I pray for all of you that have tragedies in your lives, where you might be in an ICU waiting room, stay strong and know Christ is there for you and maybe you can help others to know the hope that you have in the great physician. God Loves Ya 😉