John 17:14-15

Sometimes the importance of being a Christian is not necessarily going around and calling ourselves Christians, but it is in how we show Christ to others through our actions. There are times when as believers, we may find ourselves in a “Christian” bubble. For example, we may only listen to Christian music, hang out with friends from church, go to church and serve the church, etc. But this is not how Christ wanted us to live. Jesus warns us to be part of this world but not of it; meaning that we should be set apart and not engage in the sins the world around us promotes. We are not to immerse ourselves in what the world values or chase after worldly pleasures. As Christians, we are called to walk by the sides of the non-believers and those of this world to show them the love that Christ would have shown them. Step out of your bubble and approach someone that needs to see the light and love of Christ through you.  God is Good 😉