Acts 15:36-41 and Acts 15:1-9
I can remember seeing an accident one time and people just standing around, watching and observing, but no one was actually helping. That is not a surprise with all the lawsuits and the trouble that one can get into and it is no wonder why people don’t want to get their feet wet or other words don’t want to get involved. However, we as a church do not have the option of not participating. Jesus called us all to love or neighbors as ourselves.  As followers of Christ we are to help the needy, the orphaned, the poor and the prisoners; everyone that is in need we are to help. The church of Christ is supposed to be the beacon of hope for the lost and helpless.  Will it get messy and chaotic?  Yes!  Will it go smoothly and the way we plan? Probably not; but God always finds a way to make it work. All we have to do is be the hands and feet of Christ and show His love to transform the world. We as a church are falling short when it comes to helping others and despite that; God offers hope, grace and mercy to us. Let us get real and get involved with each other’s lives and be the people God wants us to be. God loves Ya;)