Luke 2:7

“Each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus” – Neal A. Maxwell. Like this quote implies, each of us has to decide if there is room in our lives for Jesus Christ. We must make sure that our hearts are not overcome and filled with the earthly things of this world. If things such as careers, relationships, addictions, greed, pride, etc fill our lives and our hearts, than they are squeezing out the room that we need Jesus to fill to make a difference in our lives. Once we decide that there is room for Jesus in our life, it doesn’t stop there. We must be consciously aware when things are starting to crowd out Jesus in our lives so we can weed out the things that threaten to evict Jesus from our lives. Jesus will never leave us, but it is much harder to hear him when we close the doors on our hearts and keep Him at a distance. God is good 😉