With my son’s 3rd birthday coming up next week, I have done a lot of reminiscing. One of my thoughts was of how my son’s birth ultimately saved my life. During my pregnancy, I developed symptoms that I would later find out were from a brain tumor. The hormones during pregnancy had made it grow at a faster rate. While the tumor was non-cancerous, it was at a critical size and was putting significant pressure on my brain stem which would have led to a stroke or worse, rupturing my brain stem if it had continued to go unnoticed. Initially when the symptoms started, I kept explaining them away. Even when the right side of my face went numb after my delivery, I still waited 6 months before seeing a doctor. How many times do we do this in our relationship with God? He is there even though we cannot physically see him (brain tumor), but He shows us signs of His presence in our lives through various ways. It is up to us to recognize those and act on them. Otherwise, we could choose to ignore the signs of His presence and become completely derailed from the path that He has set forth for us. Recognize the signs, thank Him and continue to follow Him wherever He is guiding you.