Luke 23:32-43
While watching a DVD with my small group the other day, we were asked to think about what Jesus’ crucifixion might have looked like from the view of one of the criminals crucified that day. We don’t know much about these men except that they were crucified and hung on either side of Jesus. We’re told they both joined the crowd in mocking Jesus (Matthew 27:44, Mark15:32). However, at some point one of the criminals repented and asked Jesus to remember him when He entered his kingdom (Luke 23:40-43). What made him repent? Was it the concern Jesus showed for Mary, even as he was suffering, by making sure she was taken care of? Was it the fact that even as Jesus was dying on the cross, he asked God to forgive those killing him? The most important thing isn’t why his heart was changed, just that it was. I pray this Easter that we are bold in sharing the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made to save us with everyone and to remind them that it is never too late to be forgiven and accept His precious gift. God Loves Ya 😉  Karen Chappell

devo 4-16