1 Peter 1:3-13
Guess what??? The Resurrection (Easter) is NOT over! Jesus keeps living…it is not a once and done deal and because of that – we who are in Christ are actually set free and filled with overflowing hope to the point that we can’t help but respond. In Christ, we discover HOPE that propels us forward to life in fullness and to pull and push us through life’s most trying times. Today’s scripture is such a great passage to follow up Easter with. Why? Because we realize that hope lives because it is based in Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, his triumph over death! Hope lives because death cannot overcome it. Hope lives because even in the face of tribulation it does not back down or grow faint. Through receiving the life gift and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, new birth into hope HAPPENS. Thanks be to Christ our Lord and Savior. God loves Ya 😉

Love and the cross meet to change History