With springtime in the air, my friend and I were chatting about the hardiness of some flowers in the beginning and how frost can damage them. She proceeded to tell me a story about a rosebush she had received as a gift last Mother’s day. The bush had actually gotten run over by her father’s truck when they were moving. Not just banged into, but seriously ran it over flat. She had doubts it would survive; but, she pampered it, showered it with special plant grow, and gave it extra attention and loving care. Now it is the most flourishing rose bush in her garden. This story reminded me of God’s love and grace for us. We have all been flattened, feeling like we’ve been run over and in our minds think we will never survive such damage; but then God reaches down, showers us with his promises, strength and perseverance and makes us new, stronger and standing taller than ever before! Reach out to our Lord and Savior. He wants us to flourish and be the best we can be. Have a blessed day! 🙂4-13-devo